The clients we advise, regarding banking and finance, on a regular basis include Swiss, European and American financial institutions, as well as asset managers and promoters of Swiss and foreign collective investment schemes.

Such advice relates, in particular, to:

  • The Swiss Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks and its related ordinance, the Swiss Federal Act on Stock Exchange and Securities Trading and its related ordinance, the Federal Act on the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority as well as the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act and its related ordinance;
  • Compliance rules and self-regulatory provisions issued by the Swiss Bankers’ Association, the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, the International Commodities & Derivatives Association and the Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association;
  • White-collar crime, fight against money laundering in the financial sector and the Federal Law on International Judicial Assistance in Criminal Matters;
  • The negotiation and drafting of distribution and private placement agreements relating to collective investment schemes, banking / asset management agreements, including general terms and conditions, account opening documentation, asset management and administration mandates, special asset management mandates, pledge agreements, powers of attorney, fiduciary mandates;
  • The creation and administration of collective investment schemes in Switzerland and in the United Arab Emirates, including the structuring, incorporation and approval of such collective investment schemes;
  • Swiss legal and regulatory aspects related to the public distribution and placement of investment vehicles;
  • Tax issues relating to financial transactions;
  • Communications with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and other foreign regulatory authorities, such as the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier and the Securities and Commodities, Abu Dhabi;
  • Advice to, and regulatory approval of, actors of the financial market;
  • Governance and substance questions relating to Swiss and foreign collective investment schemes and entities subject to prudential supervision.