Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Our law Firm advises and represents clients active in the field of technology, media, including social media, and IT infrastructures.

Our law Firm provides the following services:

  • Structuring of blockchain businesses and operations
  • Regulatory Assessment of tokens / cryptocurrencies
  • Advice about DLT Legal Framework
  • Advice about financial markets laws
  • Advice in the field of tokenization of assets, including NFTs
  • FINMA Representation / Applications
  • Advice on, negotiating and drafting of contracts for businesses active in the field of DLT and digital assets
  • Drafting of terms of private / public sale of tokens, terms and conditions, privacy notice
  • Compliance advice
  • Domestic and international litigationas well as arbitration in the field of DLT / Blockchain technology
  • Criminal law advice in the field of Anti-Money Laundering / Tax frauds and International Mutual Assistance in criminal matters