Patrice Genoud


Bonnard Lawson Geneva Area Ltd
Route du Grand-Lancy 2
P. O. Box
CH-1211 Geneva 26

T. +41 22 322 25 00


A member of the Geneva Bar Association since 1990, Patrice Genoud has joined the firm in July 2000. Beforehand, he held several senior positions with the Geneva cantonal government (“Département des Finances et Département de Justice et Police”), during nine years.

Patrice is a in position to understand specific problems encountered by companies, from inception to liquidation, due to his strong background in Swiss and international taxation and his experience in management and financing of companies.

Patrice is also the hotel counsel to a Swiss company specialized in hotel management and advisory.

Since four years, he has essentially dedicated his practice to preparing contracts and advising acquisition and pricing of hotels and companies.

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