Writer Bonnard Lawson

Join Dharshi Wijetunga Frei and Matthew Ledvina of Anaford, Caroline Bennett-­Akkaya of PraxisIFM, Aliasghar Kanani of Bonnard Lawson and Micha-­Rose Emmett of CS Global Partners for a discussion group meeting at the Cité du Temps, Pont de la Machine 1, 1204 Geneva on 2nd March 2017 at 18.00.

The meeting will discuss the issues behind changes of residence status for business, tax, social or other personal reasons, particularly for entrepreneurial clients who may consider their future income and exit strategies. We will be covering laws affecting residence in several countries, amongst them Switzerland, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We will also be dealing with citizenship issues and why these may be important in the context of changes in residence status to what may otherwise be regarded as high tax countries.

You can read the full article here in PDF: Residence Planning for Entrepreneurial Clients